College exploration is as close as your public library!

Launch Pad empowers high school students with the information and materials necessary to apply for college by providing free, individual and small-group college application counseling in Fort Worth Library locations. The Launch Pad Coordinator helps young applicants demonstrate college readiness, insightful thought and polished responses through development of the application essay and other self-expressive materials.

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Launch Pad counsels and supports high school students in the college application process. Students range from highly motivated youngsters in the top 10% who have long lists of potential colleges, including many of the most prestigious American Universities, to first generation applicants who are considering whether they can go to a 4-year college or university. Students can meet with Dr. Tyler one-on-one in their school, a library, somewhere close by, or through her small classroom seminars in six area high schools.
Testimonials from students themselves show just how effective and life changing this program is in our community.

Cenobio H. wrote, “Launch Pad was the most crucial resource for applying for and thriving in college. The support I received ranged from learning how to design the most effective college application, to how to maximize my college education, and self-discovery. Launch Pad has given me a(n) invaluable boost in my writing skills that has already made a huge impact on my life.”

As Dr. Tyler noted, the “secret is to provide a human structure for encouraging an individual all the way through an application and decision process.” Your generous donations support Dr. Tyler’s efforts and provide her with the resources to deliver this rapidly expanding service. Support youth programming at fwplf.org/give.
To inquire about upcoming Orientation Sessions or for further individual sessions call Youth Programming Coordinator Dr. Paula Tyler at 817-565-4747 or email paula@fwlibraryfoundation.org


Our 1.5 hour sessions explore a variety of topics related to the college experience, including:
• Can I, could I, should I go to college?
• What are my college and university options?
• How do I make my list of colleges?
• How do I pick my college?
• What do I need to do to get into my “reach” college?
• What do I need to do to get into college?
• Can I get financial aid for college?
• Community college versus 4-year college?
• What are the most useful standardized test taking strategies?
• How do I create an effective student résumé?
• What are colleges looking for in the application essays?
• Are there career and vocational options I should consider as well as college?

Individual Sessions

Experienced college advisors work one-on-one with students to discuss:
• Student educational background and strengths assessments
• Academic evaluation of grades and classes
• Creation of student profile of character and interests
• Suggestions for parent/student collaboration
Our process walks students step-by-step through what they need to do to prepare for and apply for college. We work with students ready to apply and those younger students who are creating a plan for college acceptance.
Call 817-565-4747 or 817-871-8022 for more information.