Books For Tarrant County Babies

The Fort Worth Public Library Foundation, Fort Worth Library, JPS Foundation and JPS Health Network launched Books for Tarrant County Babies, their first joint literacy initiative, on January 1, 2017. All mothers who give birth at JPS Health Network in 2017 will receive a Fort Worth Library Card and copy of the bilingual book “Read to Me” by Judi Moreillon, MLS, PhD, a retired associate professor in the Texas Woman’s University School of Library and Information Studies.

How You Can Help

The Books For Tarrant County program is a program that runs on the support of donors and their love for education. Any amount given helps a child become a better reader and gives them a chance to pay it forward. Here is a breakdown of how your donation helps the future of Fort Worth:

$40 provides 10 babies with a book & a Library card.
$400 provides 100 babies with a book & a Library card.
$4,000 provides 1,000 babies with a book & a Library card.
$20,000 provides 5,000 babies with a book & a Library card.

Books for Baby Showers

NOW, through Books for Tarrant County Babies, you can give back to newborns at JPS Health Network when you purchase a baby shower gift from the Library Foundation!

We’ll send a copy of the bilingual book and library card to you or directly to your expectant mother and 3 additional books and library cards will be provided to families giving birth this year!


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Baby's First Book

Read To Me by Judi Moreillon is a bilingual book about parents reading to their child. This books teaches parents and children the beauty of reading together.

Family Fun

Parents learn and experience along with their baby!
Reading to their newborn, parents will bond with their child and begin a reading routine with their child. Giving the baby its first book and library card opens up a whole new world of reading to families.

Amazing Numbers

The FWPLF and the JPS Foundation are giving 5000 books to babies born at JPS in 2017
Giving 5,000 books and library cards to babies born at JPS Health Network means that on average 14 babies and families will receive their first free book every day in 2017!

Future Impact

The Books For Tarrant County Babies Program is looking at the big picture
Fort Worth is working hard to make sure every student is able to read at grade level by the time they reach 3rd grade. This program compliments this goal.


“We are providing families with their first free book and library card and sharing that a lifetime of free books awaits them at their local library.”
“The partnership with JPS Health Network is ideal because more than 4,700 babies are born at Tarrant County’s public hospital every year, many of whom may not have books in their home.”
Dr. Gleniece Robinson, Fort Worth Library

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