Fort Worth school children interact with children’s authors each year. Meeting an author or illustrator who has opened a world beyond their own, expands the creativity that children naturally have. Each year, the Children’s Author Series works in collaboration with the Fort Worth Library and Fort Worth Independent School District to introduce authors and illustrators to Fort Worth school children. Nearly 48,000 students have interacted with authors in small group settings since we began in 1997.

After Candace Fleming visited an elementary school, the librarian said…

“After her visit we were reading one more book from her collection. I was awe struck
when during my questioning they referred back to things that she had told them during their presentation. They were
truly excited about meeting and listening to her. WOW!”

“One of the truly great things about your “visit with an author” is that you bring the author to us…With your
generosity of bringing the author to the students, all students can receive the gift. Because of people like you Fort Worth stands as a rich cultural center that reaches out to all.”

After Crystal Allen visited an elementary school, the principal said…

Her presentation style, dialogue, motivation and drive helped to spark the interest in all of our 4th and 5th grade learners.

“Students that are normally quiet or reluctant to write were re-fueled and re-energized with an “extra push” to become better writers. Crystal Allen was able to share with them from her”

“Thank you seems inadequate since the author’s presentation was “OVER-THE-TOP!””

“We are already looking forward to her return visit. We applaud you for making this available so that it can make a positive difference in the life of a child!”