Public funding alone is not sufficient to keep pace with the needs of a growing population and to meet the Library’s long-term needs. The Fort Worth Public Library Foundation was established to amplify the Fort Worth Library’s budget with support from several sources including individuals, corporations, and charitable foundations. These private funds raised by the Library Foundation help create new programs, continue ongoing programs, and renovate spaces within libraries. It’s our mission to continue partnering with the Fort Worth Library so that they continue the community programs that help our city thrive.

Gifts of any size are appreciated. Your gift helps provide:

Educational programming to children and adults | Building and infrastructure improvements of the library

Be a part of enriching the Fort Worth community. Make a gift of financial support.


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Download and print the donation form and send it with your payment to:

Fort Worth Public Library Foundation
500 West 3rd Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76102

Thank you to our 2018 donors!

Mr. Andrew Adams
Mr. Aaron Addison
Alice and Buddy Puente Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Alton
AmazonSmile Foundation
American Carton Company
Amon G. Carter Foundation
Amon G. Carter Star-Telegram Employees Fund
Ms. Susan Anderson 
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Anfin
Ash Grove Charitable Foundation
Ms. Penni Askew
Atmos Energy
Dr. Carrie Ausbrooks 
Mr. James Austin
Mr. Mark Autry
Dr. H. Barry Bailey
Mr. Louis Baldwin
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Baldwin
Ms. Anelia Banda
Bank of Texas
Barking Dog Properties
Mr. Benjamen Barksdale
Dr. Karen Barlow
Barnes & Noble
Mrs. Ashley Bartlett
BBVA Compass
Mr. David Beach
Ms. Nancy Beaudry
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Berry
Mr. Kyle Biery
Mr. Matt Bivens
Mr. Hayden Blackburn
Mrs. Joan Blanton
Blaze Pizza
BNSF Railway Foundation
Ms. Nancy Boddie
Bogle Constructs
Mr. Dwight Bosworth
Bowden Opportunity Fund
Ms. Sarah Boyes
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Brannon
Ms. Toni Brannon-Ward
Mr. Harry Brants
Mrs. Vianei Braun
Mr. and Mrs. Art Brender
Ms. Ashlee Brenner
Mr. Paul Bridges
Mr. and Mrs. L.O. Brightbill
Mr. Bob Brockway
Dr. Robert Brown
Ms. Kathryn Bryan
Mr. and Mrs. Theron Bryant 
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Bunata
Mr. and Mrs. H. Bunch
Mr. Max Bunch 
Mr. Phillip Bunting
Mr. Derek Burkett
Mr. John Burt
Mr. Seth Burt
Mr. Zach Burt
Mr. Corey Callaway
Mr. and Mrs. Zach Campbell
Mr. David Campisi 
Capital One Bank
Captain Molly Corbin Chapter, NSDAR
Mr. Russell Caranfa
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Carr
Dr. Judith Carrier
Ms. Alexis Carter
Mr. Frank Carvey
Mr. Garry Castles
Mr. Tom Chancellor
Mr. Jesus Chapa
Mr. and Mrs. David Chappell
Mr. Gary Chenoweth
Mr. Lee Christie
Mr. Robert Chu
Mr. Louis Church 
The Honorable William Churchill
Mr. Jared Clarke
Ms. Patricia Cole
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Collins
Everett B. & Edith P. Comer Charitable Trust
Mr. William Compton
Ms. Mattie Compton 
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Cook
Ms. Hazel Cook
Mr. David Cooke
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Cordray
Mr. Will Courtney
Mr. and Mrs. Koby Cox
Mr. Jonathan Cranz
Mr. Tony Creme
Mr. and Mrs. Sonny Cumbie
Dr. Frank Cundari
Dr. and Mrs. A. Ronald Daniell
Ms. Lucy Darden
David L. Tandy Foundation
Mr. Cory Davis

Ms. Theresa Davis
Mr. Drew Davison

Mr. and Mrs. Pete Dawes
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Dawson
Mr. Andrew De la Torre
DeckerJones, P.C.
Mr. Sam Demel
Mr. Kevin Demel 
Ms. Gretchen Denny
Ms. Cat Denson
Designs For Living
Mr. Jonathan Deweese
Mr. Roger Diseker
Ms. Elizabeth Doane
Mr. Ryan Dodson
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Dowdy
Dubose Family Foundation
Mr. Jim Duff 
Mr. Don Duke
Mr. Sage Earnest
Ecolab Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Luke Ellis
Mr. Michael Enochson
Mr. Terry Ewing
Facebook – FTW Data Center
Mr. Tom Felsenthal 
Mr. Bob Ferguson
Mr. Curtis Fessler
First Financial Bank, N.A.
Ms. Carrie Fitzwater
Mr. and Mrs. Luis Flores
Ms. Kathy  Flories
Ms. Tiffany Foote
Forza Resources, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Thom Fox
Ms. Miriam Frias
Frost Bank
Ms. Kendra Fuller
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Gachman
Mr. Pat Gallagher
Mr. Robert Gamblin 
Dr. Linda Garcia
Ms. Evelyn Garcia
Garvey Texas Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Gatzke
Mr. Brandom Gengelbach
Mr. Darien George
Mr. John Gerdes
Mr. William Giron
Ms. Jill Goff
Ms. Lisa Gomez
Mrs. Caryl Gonzalez
Ms. Mary  Goodman
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Goodspeed
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Gould
Mr. Chris Grasher
Mr. Robin Green
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Greenwell
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Gregory
Mr. Jared Guerin
Ms. Barbara Gunn
Mr. Brad Hackler
Mr. Pat Haggerty
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hahnfeld
Mrs. Angela Hainsworth
Mr. and Mrs. George Haley
Hall Scott Holding LLC
Mr. Steve Hambrick
Mr. Michael Haney
Dr. and Mrs. Doug Harman
Mr. John Harrant
Mr. and Mrs.  Harris Packaging
Mrs. Stephanie Harrison
Haynes and Boone LLP
Ms. Jennifer Henderson
Mrs. Jessica Hendricks
Ms. Bridget Hennessy
Mr. Roy Hill
Mr. Vernon Hilton
Mr. Ben Hood
Mrs. Corrie Hood-Howard
Ms. Linda Howarth
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Huffman
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Hull
Mrs. Cynthia Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Huseman
Ms. Betsy Hutson Conner
Dr. Emily Isaacs
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Jacob
Mrs. Murray James
James & Dorothy Doss Foundation, Inc
Ms. Susan Jamieson
Ms. Janis Janes
Ms. Suzanne Jary
Mr. Gregg Jenkins
JODesign LLC
Mr. Craig Johnson
Mr. Kyle Johnson
Ms. Mary Jo Kaska
Mr. Wally Keller

Kelly Hart & Hallman LLP
Kendra Scott LLC
Ms. Dione Kennedy

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kennemer
Mr. Jake Kesteloot
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Kesteloot 
Ms. Patricia Key
Luther King Capital Management
Ms. Colleen Kleuser 
Ms. Virginia Kluck
Dr. June Koelker
Ms. Martha  Kollmorgen
Mrs. Henry Kologe
KoonsFuller Family Law Foundation
Krobar Holdings Inc.
Ms. Ardis Kvare
Ms. Kelli Kyle
Ms. Lisa Lankes
Mary Potishman Lard Trust
Dr. James Lee
Legacy Texas
Mr. Richard Lenart
Lily Rain Jewelry, LLC
Mr. Matt Loeffelholz
Mrs. Priscilla Lovett
Mr. Dan Lowrance 
Ms. Crystal Lundy
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Mack 
Mackenzie Eason & Associates LLC
Ms. Maureen Maidlow
Mr. Bond Malone
Mr. Michael Marek
Mr. William Margolis
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Marks
Ms. Leticia Martin
Mrs. Rosalinda Martinez
Mr. Morris Matson
Mr. Ken Mattner
Mr. Bob McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. John McClane
Mr. Cris McClellen
Ms. Colleen McCoy
Mr. Greg McCoy
Dr. and Mrs. M. McDonald
Mr. Martin McDonald
Mrs. Kathryn McGlinchey
Ms. Sandra McGlothlin
Mr. John McKenzie
Mr. Mike McMullen
Ms. Carson Meinen
Ms. Mayela Mendoza
Mr. Danny Metzger 
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Micallef
Mrs. Melanie Miko Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Miller
Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation 
Mr. Brad Moore
Mrs. Carley Moore
Mr. Garrett Moore
Mouser Electronics
Network For Good
Mr. Huck Newberry 
Mr. and Dr. Greg Nicholas
Mr. Jared Noble
Ms. Mary Katherine Nolan
Mr. Steve O’Brien
Mr. and Mrs. David O’Brien
Mrs. Leslie Oliver
Ms. Mattie Orr
Mr. Nicky Otts
Mr. and Mrs. John Oudt
Mr. Kyle Oudt
Parker Family Charitable Fund
Ms. Coco Parrish
Pate & Appleby LLP
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Patterson 
Mr. Henry Peeler
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Pense
Mrs. Erin Perkes
Dr. and Mrs. Ray Pfeiffer
Dr. & Mrs. Stuart Pickell
Mr. Robert Pike
Dr. and Mrs. Kirk Pinto
PlainsCapital Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Polino 
Ms. Vonne Powell
Mrs. Karen Precella
Mrs. Emmy Lou Prescott
Ms. Susan Pritchett
Mr. Ali Puckett
R4 Foundation
Mrs. Gail Rawl
Red Oak Realty, LLC
Mr. Travis Redden
Ms. Gaye Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Reedy
Mrs. Elaine Reeves
Regions Bank

Reichling Associates
Republic Title
Mr. and Mrs. Mario Resa
Ms. Teresa Roberson 

Dr. Gleniece Robinson
Ms. Cheryl Robison 
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Rogers
Dr. John Rohrbach
Mrs. E. M. Rosenthal
Mr. Jim Ross
Mr. Clark Rucker
Mr. Al Saenz
Mr. Cole Sain
Mrs. Hardy Sanders 
Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Saucedo
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Schmuck
Mrs. Melisa Schultz
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Schwarz
Dr. and Mrs. William Scroggie
Ms. Sheila Scullock
Mr. Kevin Seets
Dr. and Mrs. William  Seger
Mr. Mark Selking
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Sheffield
Ms. Jenni Shield
Mr. Frank Shiels 
Ms. Arianne Shipley
Mr. Bill Shope
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Shorr
Mrs. Manya Shorr
Mr. and Mrs. John Simms
Frances C. & William P. Smallwood Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. James Smith
Mr. Jacob Smith
Mr. Kevin Smith
Ms. Pamela Smith
Ms. Jennifer Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Spake
Mr. Cory Spintig
Ms. Wende Stambaugh
Ms. Nancy Staples
Ms. Pamela Starling
Mr. Richard Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Ned Stocker
Ms. Beth Stokes
Mr. James Stone
Ms. Wanda Stovall
Mr. and Dr. James Stripling
Sundance Square Management
Mr. Philip Swift
Mrs. Thelma Swindell
Target Super Center
Mr. Wally Tate
Mr. Daniel Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Terrell
Ms. Kathryn Tesar
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
The Fort Worth Club
Mr. Stephen Tobin
Mr. Rommie Toler
Ms. Sandra Tomlinson
Ms. Susannah Touzel
Mr. and Mrs. J. David Tracy 
Trinity Valley School
Ms. Sue Turnage
Ms. Esther Turner
Union Pacific Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Saheb Valentin
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Veeder
Ms. Geraldine Veilleux
Virginia Hobbs Charitable Trust
Ms. Julie Vitek
Mr. Mike Walkenhorst
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Walraven 
Mr. and Mrs. Theodis Ware
Mr. Mark Warren
Ms. Susan Warren
Mr. Jarrett Watkins
Mr. Keith Webster
Mr. and Mrs. Gale Wells
Ms. Mindy Werner
Mr. Justin Wetzler
Mr. Jack Wharton
Ms. Angela White
Mr. Glenn Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Williams
Mr. Donovan Williamson
Mary Ryan and John H. Wilson II Fund
Ms. Emily Wolfe
Ms. Cindy Wolsey
Dr. and Mrs. Ben Worsley
Worthington National Bank
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Yorio
Mr. John Zabinski
Mr. Michael Zanetakis
Ms. Stephanie Zavala
Mrs. Mindy Ziessel
Mr. Robbie Zimmerman
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Zobal