The LaunchPad college application program is currently in its thirteenth year of guiding prospective college students through the arduous college application process. LaunchPad is a free service offered to any high school student in Fort Worth. Program Director Dr. Paula Tyler summarized the outreach, 

“Students range from highly motivated youngsters in the top 10% who have long lists of potential colleges to first-generation applicants who are considering whether they can go to a 4-year college or university.” 

Students meet with Dr. Tyler one-on-one for individual counseling. She also conducts small classroom workshops in area high schools, conducts large school presentations, and presents a summer writing workshop at the Central Library. 

A LaunchPad participant and college student said,

“LaunchPad served as the most crucial resource for thriving in college. The support I received has ranged from learning how to design the most effective college application, to maximizing my college education, and even discovering who I am. I use the critical thinking skills I developed with LaunchPad in college, where essays and assignments are much more thought-provoking and demanding. LaunchPad gave me an invaluable boost to my writing skills that made a huge impact on my life.”

LaunchPad furthers the mission of the Foundation in an essential manner, providing educational programming to our diverse community. Your generous donations support Dr. Tyler’s efforts and provide her with resources to deliver this essential service.

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