Travel Talks Presents: Botswana

On April 18th, Trich Zaitoon and Vicki McCoy will introduce us to the country of Botswana. Taking us through the rich culture of one of Africa’s fastest growing economic countries, we will be able to learn about all the great things this country has to offer!

Quick Facts: Botswana

  • Around 38% of the country’s surface is dedicated to national parks, reserves and wildlife management areas, which is one of the higher ranks compared to most other countries.
  • Botswana has the richest diamond mine by value in the world. The Jwaneng Diamond Mine is located in the Southern part of Botswana. The meaning of Jwaneng is “place of small stones”’.
  • Botswana is the world’s biggest diamond producing country in terms of value and the second biggest in terms of production. They produce about 17.7% of the total world production of diamonds. Diamonds count for nearly half of the government’s value. Furthermore, diamond revenues enables every child in Botswana to receive free education up to the age of 13.


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