The Fort Worth Public Library Foundation

Taking Learning Beyond the Library

What’s Our Why?

The City of Fort Worth provides funding for basic library services. We raise money to bridge support beyond city funding. The Foundation’s support of the Fort Worth libraries delivers accessible programs and resources for our entire community – ensuring these services remain FREE to all the residents of Fort Worth.

Great Libraries =
Strong Communities

Libraries are important cornerstones of a healthy community. They enrich the lives of everyone, regardless of their age, background, and economic status. In support of the Fort Worth Public Library’s mission to build a community of learners, dreamers, and doers; your donation to The Fort Worth Public Library Foundation empowers our community – creating a place for learning, self-discovery, shared experiences, and personal growth.

Libraries We Support

Downtown Central

500 W. 3rd. St., Fort Worth, TX 76102

Diamond Hill/Jarvis

1300 N.E. 35th St., Fort Worth, TX 76106

East Berry

4300 E. Berry St., Fort Worth, TX 76105

East Regional

6301 Bridge St., Fort Worth, TX 76112

Ella Mae Shamblee

1062 Evans Ave., Fort Worth, TX 76104

Golden Triangle

4264 Golden Triangle, Fort Worth, TX 76244

La Gran Biblioteca

4200 South Fwy, Suite 1338, Fort Worth, TX 76115


2800 Stark St., Fort Worth, TX 76112


601 Park St., Fort Worth, TX 76164


6228 Crystal Lake Dr., Fort Worth, TX 76179

Reby Cary Youth Library

3851 East Lancaster Avenue, Fort Worth 76103


3628 Bernie Anderson, Fort Worth 76116

Rise Community Library

8201 Calmont Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76116


2913 Yucca Ave., Fort Worth, TX 76111

Southwest Regional

4001 Library Ln., Fort Worth, TX 76109


4205 Basswood Blvd., Fort Worth, TX 76137


3816 Kimberly Ln., Fort Worth, TX 76133