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Community Engagement & Vitality

LVTRise Community Library

The Library has been asked to create a permanent library and computer lab to further serve Las Vegas Trail (LVT) residents in the new LVT Rise Community Center, set to open in June 2020. The Center will be located in the former Westside YMCA (8201 Calmount Ave) and will house a variety of programs and social services, overseen by the nonprofit organization LVT Rise.

Attached to the permanent library, the 450 sq. ft. computer lab will include 12 laptop computers, a
charging station, and a projector. This lab will not only give computer access to adults and children to facilitate critical tasks such as online research, job searches, and homework completion, but it will also make group classes possible for a variety of topics, including computer and Internet basics, Microsoft Office skills, and How to Start a Business.