Community Engagement & Vitality

Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspots

“Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspots are closing the digital divide for those who do not have internet access. Library cardholders can check out Hotspots for homework, job searches, and entertainment. Currently, the hold-list is over 280 people long—users wait for this essential service for months. The Library is expanding this program to all branches, reducing the wait.”

“I am very satisfied with the service, more than satisfied. My kids can do academic work and it is a lot easier for them to do it on computers and tablets than just on my phone where they have a data signal. I am on the hold list again and am really looking forward to my next check-out. I would recommend this program to all of my friends and family.” – Medina Family, Northside Branch patrons

2019 Hotspot Statistics:

  • Average five (5) new hold requests daily
  • 1,850 total check-outs were logged in 2019
  • Of that 1,850, 21% of these were by youth
  • Average hold (request queue) in 2019: 450 translating to a six-week wait time