FWPLF Programs That Benefit from North Texas Giving Day

The Library Foundation is committed to library excellence by delivering several programs promoting early learning to lifelong learning, providing resources for job training and life skills, encouraging families through interaction, and gathering our neighbors together for entertaining. Libraries change, even transform lives! North Texas Giving Day is great way to support the FWPLF’s mission to serve the community through library programs. Check out some of the programs and initiatives that the Library Foundation supports:

  •        Books For Tarrant County Babies

In January, The Fort Worth Public Library Foundation partnered with the JPS Health Network, JPS Foundation and the Fort Worth Library to launch a literacy initiative called Books for Tarrant County Babies! All mothers who give birth at JPS Health Network in 2017 receive a Fort Worth Library Card and a bilingual book “Read to Me” by Judi Moreillon, MLS, PhD – promoting literacy and exposing families to the many resources available at their local library. This year, nearly 5,000 books will be provided to new families. Or on average 14 babies and families will receive their free book every day in 2017!  

  •        Children’s Author Series

The Children’s Author Series gives Fort Worth students an opportunity to interact with  authors each year. Meeting an author or illustrator opens a world beyond their own and expands the creativity that children naturally have. Each year, the Children’s Author Series works in collaboration with the Fort Worth Library and Fort Worth Independent School District to introduce authors and illustrators to Fort Worth school children. Nearly 45,000 students have interacted with authors in small group settings since 1997.

  •        LaunchPad:

Launch Pad empowers high school students with information and materials necessary to apply for college by providing free, individual and small-group college application counseling in Fort Worth Library locations. Launch Pad helps young applicants demonstrate college readiness, insightful thought and polished responses through development of the application essay and other self-expressive materials.  

You read that right–more than $3.4 million was awarded in merit scholarships to Launch Pad students this year!!  

Link to 2017 College and University Acceptances (https://fwlibraryfoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/College-and-University-Acceptances-2017.pdf)

  •        Families Reading Together

Families Reading Together is a program focused on engaging parents in reading with their children in a structured way. It promotes family reading as a fun, positive, learning activity. This free, 5-week program promotes a love of reading and family quality time while enhancing reading comprehension and early learning skills. There are two age groups that participate, 6-10 year olds and pre-school children bond with their parents in reading stories aloud and having fun!


Your support during North Texas Giving Day on September 14 ensures that our continued partnership with the Fort Worth Library offers community programs that help our city thrive. For more information on North Texas Giving Day and how you can give on September 14, visit the Library Foundation’s page on the North Texas Giving Day’s website!